The majority of artwork on display at Puro are select pieces by artist Prudence Maltby, from an exhibition she co-curated and founded entitled Cicatrix.

Prudence Maltby is an award winning artist and curator. ​Born in Sussex, Prudence Maltby’s family immigrated to Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) when she was a small child. She returned to the UK in the 90s having spent 35 years in Africa, and having experienced the bush war there.

From her Salisbury studio she continues to spend her time painting, drawing, curating exhibitions and coordinating visual arts projects, in the UK and abroad. She was involved in an arts project Other Worlds in 2011 which explored the arena of serving soldiers who train on Salisbury Plain. It was this environment, with historical concerns about warfare and where wounds are left embedded in memory and in the landscape itself, which then became the catalyst for all her subsequent work concerned with conflict.

She gained several awards from Zimbabwe and England and has worked in both private and public collections. In 2013 she was awarded ACE funding for Cicatrix.